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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Razorback diapercake

My cousin was having a baby shower today and I didn't get to go. But I had been REALLY wanting to do a Razorback diapercake so that's what my gift was. Dean said is she a Razorback fan? I said I don't know. But she's in Arkansas and that is what I wanted to make for her!

Hot Diggity - Go HOGS Go! :) Kelley

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Parties all day!!!

Well today is Carrie's mad hatter bday party and Kaylee's princess party. Sadly I'm not able to make either of them. :(. Here is yet ANOTHER princess party I had on Sunday for Kaejah. More princess pics to come from the other party hopefully nxt wk. Hot Diggity Bummed! Kelley

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Goonies pic

For some reason my Goonie pic didn't come through on iPhone.

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Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, I met Jennifer at the scrap event who has a daughter Abigail.  Imagine being at the same table with 2 other preacher's wives!  We had an awesome time with them and all the tables nearby.  Val, Danna and Danna's mom and Aunt sat next to us!  :)  What a wonderful weekend away.  Anyway, Jennifer mentioned that Abigail is having a Dora party in a couple of weeks...  I got her address and told her that if she opened her mailbox and saw something YAY, if not I would catch up with her later...  (Schedules!)  She said she probably couldn't afford me...  Well, I am still working on my portfolio and need some DORA!  So she gets a blessing! 

Here's my Dora invite...  I had to save it in .pdf, so it isn't that crisp...  I'll try to get a pic before I send the final ones out...

Enjoying Dora and ENJOYING LIFE!  (lol shoutout to my friend Robin!)
Hot Diggity,
:-D Kelley

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scrapbook Event - girl time

Okay, so let me just say, YES, I know it is lame, but ONE of my fav movies of all times is Goonies.  The only thing I can figure is that I can relate to the Goonies.  They were from a small town.  They were a group of friends that had a lot of history between them.  And they were about to be forced to move away from one another.  Everything in their lives was about to be changed.  They had the opportunity through one last adventure to fight to keep things the way they were. 


The goonies were a group of multi-faceted albeit nerdy and goofy kids who came together.  They related to and protected one another.  Why do I love them so much?  It's a great reminder to fight for those things worth fighting for!  I recently got strange looks and comments from my family when I asked my sister's new boyfriend if he was a goonie..  He didn't understand and I wasn't going to give him the answer... 


You see, whether or not you are a goonie is important.  (And for the record, yes I know I'm over 30, move on, this is my thought here!)....  If you are a goonie, you are accepting of people, without judging them at first glance.  If you are a goonie, you don't sit back and let your life be destroyed, you take action to find a way to stop it.  If you are a goonie, you don't look at why you can't...  YOU DO!  Goonies never say DIE!  They work together so they can STAY together!  I will admit my feelings were hurt when even my brother and sister didn't understand and questioned why I would even ask someone that...  I pray someday they will realize....  why being a goonie was important to me and how tough it is when you look behind you and you realize you are alone and not understood. 


Anyway, on to fun Goonie stuff.  So my bestie Donna and I go to a scrapbooking weekend each year.  This year the theme is Scrapping gone Hollywood!  A few years ago I planned my own Movie themed b-day party, so I am going ALL OUT!  And Goonies will be my theme! 


Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


If u were to see the whole dusplay area you will see that I have a shirt signed by Jeff Cohen, Chunk in the movie. 


I went to Astoria a few years ago when I had to go to Portland for a conference and I picked up a pamphlet - Movies in Astoria - do you know that they shot scenes from Kindergarten Cop, Short Circuit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Ring there as well as Goonies. 


The year after I went was the 20th anniversary of the movie so I ordered a commemorative cup and dubloon from the Chamber of Commerce. 


My bestie Susan got me 2 Goonies shirts!  :)  I'm letting Donna borrow one...  Don't worry, I'll make sure I get it back Suz! 


I have been working on a treasure chest for Princess Parties, so of course it gets to come...  I mean, what good is it to have a search for treasure movie if you don't have any TREASURE?!?!?! 


Well, hope you have enjoyed this stroll down memory lane..


Hot Diggity, I'm a GOONIE and LOVING it!

:)  Kelley

P.s.  If u r wondering why Jar Jar Binx is behind me I brought him along for the ride. What's a Hollywood themed event without such a celebrity?!?!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a work in Progress - PRAISE THE LORD! ;)

I will have to admit that the blog hasn't been living up to its name and for that I'm sorry...  My plan has been to start the blog and build my portfolio and really get a grip on where life is headed...  Wait, is that too much to ask?!?!?  Lol!  Okay, so really the plan is to get my act together and prepare my "business path."  I have been blessed to be able to have a few parties to work on for cost to figure out what time is required to complete tasks as well as how much things really COST.  I feel bad if I ask people to pay a lot more than what the materials cost, however, what I realized is that the materials for the items may be inexpensive, but to come out with a custom look, that costs money!  Well, it costs TIME which equals money...  This isn't my profession, I have a JOB, but this is something I enjoy doing....  I love, love, LOVE parties!  And all the glitter and props make me HAPPY!  I mean, I have been working on this Treasure Chest for WEEKS to get it JUST right!  (Yes, as you can imagine I enjoy being at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios just looking around to see all that the imagineers and staff have come up with to awe us...)  If I had a wish it would be to have a place in this area where kids and adults alike could come to be awe-d....  When I grow up, that is what I will do.  If you could take a look into my thoughts your head would be spinning too...  So, all that said, PLEASE bear with me as I find my place in these blogs...  I promise I won't disappoint you...  I have to find balance, structure and direction....  Well, that and I wish for WHIRLED PEAS!  ;)

Hot Diggity, I'm planning some SHINDIGS!
:)  Kelley