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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Totally Kelley!

To steal a line from Jeff Foxworthy - here's ur sign. Well cept this is MY sign!!! Was shopping at one of my fav SE Ark stores Flowers and Gifts by William. Okay so I do have to admit I didn't buy the sign. (even though I did throw down some cas in there!). I am happy sharing the pic. Lol! Hot Diggity Kelley

Snips and snails

Getting ready for a boy shower and this one is construction themed. I LOVE the colors navy, green and pale yellow. Hope Tara likes the decor. :)

Hot Diggity a BABY! Lol! Hugs and Prayers, Kelley

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow!  I have been one BUSY little worker! 

I have had 2 showers in the works and 2 PRINCESS PARTIES!  Not to mention finishing up the WWE party! 

Okay so starting with the babies....  Here is a diaper cake I did for Baby Evalee....  I didn't take a pic after I had it on the cake plate wrapped up....  But it turned out really cute...  You can't tell the exact color, but the tulle accents were purple and lime green....  And I LOVED the light up butterfly!  Oh, and it plays a song too....  Awwww!!!! 

I really hope someone else got pics at the shower.... 

Hugs and Prayers!
Hot Diggity,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally a PRINCESS!

Okay so for all my friends you know I am a tiara wearing Diva- but I have never had the opportunity to work on a Princess party! I am one HAPPY HOT DIGGITY DIVA!!! Okay so right now I'm just revealing a draft of the invite. I also picked up an old samsonite train case (free from the curbside neighbors trash!!! Seriously take a look as you drive by. U would b completely surprised what people throw out. Use your imagination and look around!) that I hope to have made into a treasure trunk for the party to hold the beaded necklaces and huge bling rings and maybe some big jewels too. Okay this Hot Diggity Diva needs to call it a night. Looking forward to revealing more of the party as it is finalized. :)
Okay how funny is that. I can't get it turned on my phone!!! The story of my life!!! Oh well hopefully this isn't an indicator of how the day will go! Lol!
Hugs and prayers,
Hot Diggity Kelley

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My dad tried to post a comment, but since he had trouble he just e-mailed me...  I had to share... 

Thanks Hot Diggity Dad!  lol!  I LOVE IT!

OK, I tried to post a comment, but don't know how to get a "profile."
Anyway, my comment was.....

"Amazing cool site with an amazing cool enterprise.  Once again my daughter has put the mint on the pillow!
But the true and ultimate cool, is knowing that the value of true friendship and caring is priceless ! 
You're awesome, Boo, and you have great friends too!"


PS:  My other kids (and their kids 'n pets) ain't bad either !

Monday, October 4, 2010


Okay, so my friend Amy from church has a son Jackson.  Jackson is turning 7 and wanted to have a wrestling party...  I offered to do her invites for free b/c I had an idea that I wanted to try out. 

Ticket was printed on card stock and placed on Black card stock so it stood out (it squished when I saved it on here)

Will laminate these for favors.  I hope Jackson loves them!

I even printed a few of the invites out smaller so they really looked like tickets for Amy to put in her scrapbook.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My first post!!!

This first post is one to honor my dear friend Carrie.  We met working for the same company, yet lived in different cities.  She was the receptionist at our headquarters office (in Maryland) so I spoke with her several times a day...  She has such an upbeat attitude it was a blessing to talk to her each day.  And then, Breast Cancer struck.  Carrie handled treatment and therapy with such courage and grace.  Honestly, cancer has touched me before, but never breast cancer.  She was treated and healed.  And our friendship grew over the time and miles.  :) A few years ago she even came to Arkansas for our Race for the Cure.  This summer we met at the home of another co-worker (Susan) for a few days of grown up summer camp (in Kentucky).  That is when I found out that her 50th birthday was coming up in November.  Long story short, I took over her invitations. 

She wanted a mad hatter party...  You got it girlfriend!

Inside...  Yes, it is all glittery!

A stamp from cow town stamps - Carrie loves the cows!!!

A little surprise I found for Carrie's party at Tuesday morning, how cool is that?!?!?
 Well, there you have it!  Love you Carrie!  Hope you love your invites!  And to my new online family, thanks for taking a peek.  I pray I won't let you down!  ;)

Hugs and Prayers,
Hot Diggity - Kelley